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Creating a Successful

Legal Nurse Consultant Practice 

For Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, CRNAs, and Legal Nurse Consultants

APPLIED FOR: Up to 18 Contact Hours / 2.0 CEUs


Lorie A. Brown, R.N., M.N., J.D., California; 

Richard Kelly, MD, JD, MPH, FCLM, and 

Mary Kelly, NP, California




A.  Roles of the Nurse and Legal Nurse Consultant(LNC) in Practice

  • Business Ethics

  • Working in a Law Firm or Independently

  • Interviewing Plaintiff Clients

  • Interacting with Defense Clients

  • LNC's Role in Defense Medical Examinations

  • Identify Conflicts of Interest

  • Creating a C-V for LNCs

  • Creating a C-V for an Expert


B.  Research of medical related cases

  • To verbalize understanding of the steps needed to perform a database search.

  • Demonstrate 2 ways to access information from the National Library of Medicine.

  • To list 5 National Library of Medicine databases other than MEDLINE that might be helpful in accessing information on specific topics.

  • Verbalize understanding regarding use of information from the internet.

  • Identify 2 internet sites that could be beneficial in research for a case involving alternative medicine.

  • Verbalize understanding of 2 ways to determine the validity of published information.

  • To list 2 sources for locating standards of care or clinical practice guidelines.

  • Perform a PubMed search utilizing the “Limits” selections.

  • How to determine which information is reliable.

  • How to get full text articles


C.  Medical Record Analysis

  • Verbalize understanding of the philosophical reasons for clear, written communications.

  • Each learner will be able to list 4 principles of clear, concise, readable writing.

  • Will be able to write more clearly and concisely.

  • Each learner will be able to provide clients with a more valuable work product.

  • Each learner will understand the relationship of answering the “who, what, when, where and why” in preparing reports for clients.


D.  The Nurse as a testifying expert

  • Verbalize understanding of the foundation for nurses serving as expert witnesses

  • List ways how nurses may assume the role of an expert witness

  • To identify key legal decisions affecting expert witness role

  • Relate the legal definition of “standard of care” to the clinical definition

  • To apply the principles of ethical conduct and professional codes to the business practice of the LN as an expert witness.


E.   Locating and working with all testifying experts

  • To identify an effective approach to locating the appropriate expert witness

  • Identify 3 sources for locating expert witnesses

  • List 2 sources that can be used to research a physician’s credentials

  • Discuss the expectations of communications by the expert nurse

  • Describe the nurse expert’s role in deposition and trial

  • Demonstrate the ability to select appropriate clinical experts.

  • List steps for record review and analysis by expert witness.


F.   Starting an LNC Business

  • Developing your marketing strategy

  • To determine the pros and cons of business ownership

  • To discuss the major legal components of establishing a business

  • Each learner will list 3 elements of a business plan.

  • List skills and attributes needed to be a successful LNC

  • To identify marketing tools and techniques

  • To discuss marketing concepts

  • To describe the marketing process and advanced marketing strategies

  • To assist with developing tools and techniques for marketing LN services

  • To evaluate the marketing process


G.  Medical-Legal Case Screenings


Evaluating Medical and Nursing Malpractice Cases

To identify the key elements of medical malpractice claims.

To describe and perform the steps in critically evaluating medical malpractice claims for liability, causation and damages.

Evaluating Personal Injury Cases

Each learner will list 4 key elements to consider when screening a personal injury case

To list 3 types of experts that could be needed in a personal injury case.

Evaluation of Pain Management Overdose Cases

Each learner will be able to determine key elements to consider when screening an overdose case.

Evaluating Workers' Compensation Cases

To discuss the role of the LN in assisting with causation in worker’s compensation claims.

To describe the role of the LN in catastrophic injury claims.

Evaluating Product Liability Cases

To state the difference between the legal theories of strict liability and negligence in a product liability case.

To verbalize understanding to rule out medical negligence and establish clear causation in a medical product liability case.


H.  Forensic Rape Evaluation and Evidence Collection


  • To provide an overview of specific areas of criminal law, procedure and evidence

  • Describe the role and responsibility of the sexual assault nurse examiner (SANE) in the investigation of the criminal case.

  • Identify 3 ways the LNC can assist the attorney in the prosecution or defense of a criminal case.

  • Describe how the process of evaluation, assessment, and implementation are ongoing in a criminal case and why this is important.


H.  Mock Trial - Nursing Malpractice

  • Describe the process and proceedings of a trial

  • Opening Statements

  • Testimony of Defendant and Plaintiff

  • Discuss the testimony of Expert Nurses

  • Discuss Testimony of Expert Doctors

  • Closing Arguments

  • Jury Verdict


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